Pine Spring

    On Sunday, January 14, a crew of troop 111's High Adventure Candidates set off on a backpacking trip to find the small, secluded campground known as Pine Spring. Arriving at the trailhead at around 9:30 am, the group ventured into the wilderness. They followed the Grade Valley road for a few miles until finally arriving at camp. After having lunch and setting up camp, the scouts decided to do something with their free time. The main events for that evening were orienting maps, building fires, and also lounging is luxurious hammocks, but some Scouts decided to take advantage of the nearby leaders and got some sign offs. The night was clear and full of stars, with few clouds in sight. After a calm and rejuvenating nights sleep, the Scouts refiltered and refilled water bottles, then set off. In order to get some extra mileage, the crew followed the Piano Box Loop, adding an extra 2 miles. They arrived at the trailhead around 1:45 pm on Monday, then headed back home to Ventura.