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Summer Camp at Whitsett

On Sunday, June 30, 2019, Troop 111 took a drive to Camp Whitsett, staying for the whole week. The camp offers a wide variety of programs for the scouts, including many different merit badges, such as swimming, archery, and environmental science. One of the programs was the overnight on Wednesday, Scouts hiked to a small field where there were activities such as tug of war, jenga, and foam swords. That night we slept outside under the stars. Another great part of this camp was the waterfront. It had a swimming area, canoes, rowboats, and kayaks. Some scouts also decided to go fishing. On the last day, the Camp Wide Games were held, which had troops competing in activities such as kayaking, swimming, running, and archery, in which Troop 111 came in third place. Overall, it is a great camp, almost as nice as Camp 3 Falls!


Sycamore Canyon Service Project

On April 27 and 28, the weekend of Camporee for everyone else, Troop 111 took a crew of  on another service project. This time, we went to Sycamore Canyon. We helped to clear two hiking trails of plants and repaired  them, each on separate days.. That night, we were given tri-tip for dinner and a raffle was held, in which many scouts won prizes such as grills, chairs, and coolers. This trip was a great way to introduce our new scouts to the kind of service projects we do.  

Dome Springs Overlanding Adventure

On April 6th and 7th, 10 scouts went on a trip to Dome Springs. This particular trip never ran out of things for us to do. Some climbed up a nearby hill, some played in the riverbed, some did both. We even rode in the back of the trucks along trails and through the riverbed. That night, an adult leader prepared a delicious apple cobbler for dessert. This trip was a great way to kick of our newest special team, the Overlanders.

Chula Vista Winter Camp

On February 16, we went on a trip to Mt. Pinos. When we arrived, the snow almost entirely covered the picnic tables in the campground. Temperatures got as low as  degrees. The scouts made the most of this by sledding down the nearby hills. Dinner went well, and no one was hungry. The night was cold, and some of our water froze even when we kept it in our sleeping bags! Thankfully, we were all warm enough to get some sleep. Unfortunately, we had to leave on Sunday morning because of a nearby snowstorm. Other than that, The trip went well overall.

Troop 111 in the News

     In the past two months, Troop 111 has been in three newspaper articles.The first was published in Ojai Valley News on December 27th. It discussed a service project in December of 2018, when scouts repaired a bathroom in Rose Valley and planted a new sign. The second was published on January 8th by the city’s newsletter, is titled “Arroyo Verde Park’s Unsung Heroes”. It talks about a service project in early 2018. During this service project, scouts from Troop 111 dug water bars, which direct rainwater. The third and final (so far) news article, published by the Ventura Breeze Newspaper, talks about the same service project. An article in Boys’ Life, a magazine distributed to Boy Scouts, discussed a service project in December of 2017. The Thomas Fire had been going on for a few weeks, and hundreds of houses had already burned. People who lived a little ways uphill from Juanamaria Park were being allowed to go to their homes, which were in mandatory evacuation areas, for a short amount of time, and needed help carrying items. Troop 111 members spent a few hours helping them and handing out snacks and drinks in the parking lot of Temple Beth Torah.