Working on the signpost!

    Over the weekend of the 14th of August, a group of Troop 111's HAT candidates set out on a long journey to the Los Padres wilderness, specifically to the Potholes Trailhead. The candidates started out with an incredibly steep 5.9 mile hike, over ridges and passes, stopping to take a break for lunch, and also to install a sign that they'd been carrying for 3 miles.  After the sign installation, they worked their way down behind the mountain ranges, eventually arriving at the Log cabin campsite. The next day, the group hiked through what is known as  the Devil's Gateway, a super thin opening in a humongous rock,  from then on, things were smooth sailing. Until they found Kesters Cabin. This spooky place consisted of gnarled oak trees, a semi rotten cabin, and a couple of unidentified bones. The scouts stopped there to eat lunch and gather their thoughts, then headed out, following a trail for about 1.2 miles, which gradually became a road, and the scouts encountered many creek crossings, which were to be described as "wet", and "fun". The whole trip was a blast, and I'm sure many of the candidates enjoyed the challenging experience.