Adventures at Philmont

There is a lot to say about a 10 day on the trail and four days on a train. But one thing anyone who experiences it can tell you is that it’s life changing. At philmont this summer Troop 111 was given the unlikely chance of splitting into two crews and having those crews have the very same trek, extremely lucky indeed. Some highlights of this trip were the top of the Tooth of Time, a whole zero day of relaxing, and hanging out in the observation train car. 


As one could expect from a trip like this there was a fair bit of hurting on the many days of hiking. But it never went to anyone’s head. For the whole time no one ever tapped out and said they couldn’t do it. Quite the contrary. In the nature of being cheerful everyone always kept a smile on their face and always helped lift everyone else up to have a smile as well. 


When we were loaded on the bus to take us back to the train station we all looked over our heads to see Arrowhead Rock, which legend has it if you look back and see it you will return one day. And that we already know we will.